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Product Spotlight

Assassin 28

  • Interior cook chamber 23"x28"x38" tall
  • 4 Cook racks 22 1/2"x27 1/2"
  • 6 Rack runners configured bottom to top, 5", 5", 3.5", 3.5", 3.5", 3.5"
  • Holds 20-22 lbs of charcoal (will depend on charcoal type)
  • Exterior measures 37" across x 41" deep and 67" tall
  • Weight: 675 lbs
  • Standard colors are gun metal gray (tungsten) and metallic black (brillant black)
  • Custom colors are available


I am often asked how much fuel I go through when cooking on "Hamlit" (Assassin 28). Well so far today, I am heading into my 22nd hour using 17# of briquettes, cooking at 235 with the waterpan. This thing is amazing!
Phillip Dell, Las Vegas, NV

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