Assassin Smokers Accessories

Whether you need a cover to keep your smoker looking just as beautiful as the day it arrived, a replacement thermometer, or just some great Assassin swag to show off your pride in your beautiful new smoker, charcoal grill or custom trailer or hog cooker. This is the place to find it!

Additional Cook Racks


Need additional cook space in your smoker? Order more racks when it’s created or even after you receive your Assassin Gravity-Fed Insulated Smoker.

Price: Starting at $75.00/each

Stainless Steel Cook Racks


Upgrade the cook racks in your smoker. Order your stainless steel cook racks for your Assassin Insulated Smoker when it’s created or anytime you like.

Price: Starting at $125.00/each (When included with your original order. Starting at $200.00/each if ordered separately.)

Custom Paint


Personalize your Assassin insulated smoker by giving it a custom paint job. Our Assassin smokers come standard in black or gun-metal grey. But why look like all the rest? Have yours painted to match your team colors, company logo, or just your favorite color!

We use the PPG color system for all custom paint on our smokers, charcoal grills (only front insulated door), custom trailers and hog cookers.

Price: Starting at $125.00 (For charcoal grill front insulated doors.)

Removable Rain Cap (Dog House)


Don’t let the rain ruin your cook. Pop a removeable rain cap on your stack to keep the rain and bad weather out!

Painted high-heat black

Price: $20.00


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