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About Our Products

A Little About Our Products

At Assassin Smokers and Grills we take pride in everything we do. Everyone one of our gravity-fed insulated smokers, charcoal grills, custom trailers, and hog cookers are hand-crafted at our facility in Macon, Georgia, USA. Whether you’re a backyard enthusiast cooking for your friends and family, a competitive BBQ pitmaster competing at contests, or a professional chef, caterer, or restauranteur looking to add smokers and charcoal grills to your arsenal of equipment, we can help you get delicious, mouth-watering barbecue every time.

We use the highest quality materials, and an experienced team dedicated to providing only the best smokers, charcoal grills, custom trailers, and hog cookers on the market.

Our philosophy and our goal is to provide the best quality, user-friendly products at an affordable price.

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