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Charcoal Grills

Backyard or Competitive BBQ

Our Assassin Charcoal Grills are the way to go!! Whether you’re a backyard enthusiast cooking for family and friends on the weekends or a competitive pit-master cooking at contests, Assassin Charcoal grills have just the thing to help you get delicious food every time.

Why Backyard Cooks

  • The unit does grilling and indirect smoking, both equally as well
  • The unit is very well made, obviously solidly constructed, well finished, high quality
  • The design with the fire underneath the cook chamber is a lot easier and more consistent than a horizontal smoker. Generally, a very easy-to-use smoker/griller
  • Modest user of charcoal.
  • Lots of options/bling available at reasonable cost.
  • USA made, established brand, reputable manufacturer

Why BBQ Competition Teams?

  • Compact footprint, but big rack area – very efficient
  • Long burn times, very quick to temp, very good high-temp smoker
  • Mobile, trailer-ready, plus with optional larger wheels, can traverse long distances on soft ground
  • Mix of smoking/grilling is also excellent for things like chicken that may need both
  • Customizable with options, plus a good basis for team logos/personalization via large insulated front door that takes low-temp-paint
  • Non-standard sizes available at relatively short notice
  • USA made, established brand, reputable manufacturer

We accept the following forms of payment: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Cashier’s Checks. All checks are to made payable to: C&C Manufacturing, Inc (NOT Assassin Smokers)

We require 50% payment when we start the build and remaining prior to shipping.

Standard Assassin 36″ Charcoal Grill


  • All Grills come equipped with a charcoal pan, water pan, and an ash pan, accessible from side door for easy clean out
  • Charcoal grill measures 36″ L x 24″ W x 61″ H
  • Cook Racks are 5″ apart
    – Upper Cook Rack = 31.5″ x 16″
    – Lower Cook Rack = 31.5″ x 21″
  • Weight: 375lbs
  • Front and Side Shelf are pocketed (removable) for compact storage and/or transportation
  • BBQ Black is our standard color.
  • Logo Colors Available: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, White, Silver, Gold, American Flag, Diamond Plate and Camo
  • 5” solid rubber caster set (2 swivel with brake, 2 rigid)

Price: Starting at $800.00
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Assassin Grill Options

  • Propane setup available, includes burner(s), regulator and firebrick (lava Rock)
  • Access pans from either side
  • Front access option available (front shelf not included)
  • Double pans (6 half size pans) available to minimize weight during clean out
  • V- pan ( in place of water pan to control heat flow) $50.00
  • Overall grill size options:
    • 48” option- $900.00 (weight: 500lbs)
      • Upper Cook Rack = 43.5″ x 16″
      • Lower Cook Rack = 43.5″ x 21″
    • 72” option- $1,400.00 (weight: 800lbs) **side shelf not included on 72” model
      • Upper Cook Rack = 67.5″ x 16″
      • Lower Cook Rack = 67.5″ x 21″
  • Expanded metal storage area – FREE
  • BBQ Pit Master / Guru adapter (bolts to door via spin damper)
  • BBQ Pit Master IQ 120 ( Fan built in, food and pit probes included)
  • BBQ Pit Master IQ 110 ( Fan built in, pit probe only)
  • Choose a Custom color using the PPG paint system (front insulated door) Prices starting at $75.00.

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